Nowadays, in a competitive field such as journalism it is important to make yourself indispensable, and I believe multimedia storytelling is a class that will provide me with the skills to do just that. Although, I am already proficient in audio I hope to gain insight in the video aspect of broadcast journalism through the workshops the class provides. This class will get me more acquainted to deadlines and real life news room expectations. I want to be a diverse journalist that’s comfortable on both sides of the camera.

Ward 8 by Shawna Mizelle

Congress Heights in Washington DC is an interesting neighborhood to say the least. With a population of 37,191 people, more than half female and a median income of $31,858 this neighborhood is similar to those adjacent to it. One thing that’s not so average about this place is the crime rate. The high murder rate contributes to the ‘ghetto’ stereotype of Southeast DC. The city is home to Center Center Public,  Eagle Academy, and Democracy Prep all of which are charter schools. Just five stops on the greenbelt is the Congress Heights Metro Station accompanied by the W2, W3, and W4 bus. The downfall is there isn’t really anywhere to go. A street advisor comment from 2 years ago said, “If you are looking for a Friday out, you will probably have to hop on the metro, which, as they’ll probably tell you on the loud speaker, could tack on an additional 40 minutes of travel time.” The various concerns for the community can be voiced at the Advisory Neighborhood Committee meeting which is the 1st Tuesday of each month.

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