Meet Shawna!

I’m Shawna Mizelle, a junior broadcast journalism major at Howard University from Columbus, Ohio. One of my biggest accomplishments was making the decision to graduate high school at only 16 years old, and pursue my education in the Nations Capitol. I managed to make Deans List, and work at the Howard Student Service Center in the Human Resources Benefits department during my freshman year. It was at Howard where I learned how important staying active in the community is as our motto is truth and service. I have completed 300 hours of service volunteering with Jumpstart as an Americorps member. I loved working with children so much that I secured an internship at Seacrest Studios in Children’s National.  I also realized that I wanted to follow the civil rights beat as a writer. I realized how important it is for truly interested journalist to accurately research and report these incidents.
To whom much is given, much is required and as a journalist I want to use my talents to address the Black Predicament. I want my voice to be a positive pillar in the community. In Columbus, a lot of my peers believe the my way to a better life is to rap, shoot ball, or hustle. I want to show kids that life is about choices, and not circumstances. A lot of children need motivation, and I want to help provide that. It would have been a lot easier for me to run the streets at 16 years old versus going 6 hours away to Howard University, but it was the best decision I ever made. I had to decide to break all barriers to put myself, but more importantly my family in a better position. Hopefully a few years from now I will be somewhere reporting on social injustice, and showing kids like me that it is possible.