Truth or Dare?

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How often during a game of truth or dare do you chicken out on the dare and go with truth? It’s time to stop that, and be bold! What better way to be daring and make a statement than through your makeup? I decided to put my reservations in the hands of a Columbus, Ohio makeup artist Sianna Crowder. As a long time friend of Ms. Crowder’s I trust her with a lot more than my face, and I had no problem being her canvas. During this makeover, we discussed the ins and outs of a makeup guru. Get the details below!

Q: Looking back today what would you say about your younger self when you first started doing makeup?

A: I’d say that my younger self was a color junkie. I just threw random colors together in hopes that it looked good. Even when most of the time it didn’t. Now I’m all about glam, but sometimes the old me come back to play.

Q: When you’re doing makeup for a major event, do you ever get nervous or scared about the clients satisfaction?

A: I mean we all get some “type” of feeling or a search for approval when doing something for someone else. But nervous isn’t the emotion id use, anxious perhaps. Only because I know my quality work. I live by the motto “my next work, is my best work.” I put my all in. So I know they wouldn’t hate it.

Q: Tell me about your most difficult customer encounter and how you handled it?

A: Oh god, working in a customer service based career it’s bound to happen. Honestly I can’t say I’ve had a completely horrid experience but my worst customers are the ones that think they can do my job and do it better than me, or the clients who are too anal about something. But to leave with a good reputation and a happy client you just do what they want and let them leave completely satisfied.

Q: What’s your favorite part about being a makeup artist?

A: Hands down my favorite part about being a makeup artist is the transformations. I LOVE IT. I love seeing the things you can create with makeup. The outcome of it all is so rewarding. Seeing your work on someone’s face. That’s the best part of it all. But my favorite part of doing my makeup is the face. That’s when everything comes together!

Q: It seems like everyone does makeup nowadays, or at least they try. Would you recommend this profession?

A: I would most definitely recommend this to aspiring MUAs. But only to the ones who realize that makeup is a commitment. It’s all fun and games when it’s just yourself you’re doing. It’s a lot deeper than just making someone look nice. You have to learn the science of it, the proper way to sanitize your tools, avoiding bacterias, the structure of faces, eye shapes etc. To all aspiring makeup artist they need to know its a commitment to become a makeup artist ESPECIALLY financially. And if you are willing to start that journey then absolutely I recommend it because I love every bit of what I do.

Q: What’s your favorite part about this look and why?

A: I love the glitter tears, but as if it weren’t already enough I love that it’s holographic glitter. The sultriness of the black lets the glitter take over and I think the look works all around.


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